Meridional Ingredients presents its Best Lec® line with certified Soy Lecithin food or non-GMO option

Aware of the progressive need to offer complete and versatile solutions, Meridional Ingredients is a division of Meridional TCS Group, specializing in products for human and animal feed added to logistic services with excellency and international recognition.

Meridional Ingredients closes the circle to supply all of the customer's requirements for products and services for nutrition, adding a wide catalog of products with guaranteed and safe origin. Thus, the company verifies its constant dedication to the development of responses to specific demands of its customers for products, services and efficiency, coupled with persistent market research, evaluation, certification and intensive quality control as pillars that consolidate it as a differentiated solutions provider.

In this line of ingredients based on soybeans and grains is a broad catalog of specialized products and derivatives of grains, flours, oils and aggregates of high nutritional value.

In this way the company developed and now offers soy lecithin grade food or feed and Non-GMO soy lecithin, with exclusive conditions of value added to its customers.

Meridional Ingredients has more than 20 years of presence in Brazil and South America, serving national and international clients in more than 35 countries, with deep knowledge of the market of ingredients based on soybeans and corn, for which it established business relationships consisting of main industries and regions of Brazil and South America.

It also has logistic and financial expertise for international trading, with solid structure of services: operations team, finance capacity and strategically owned production and transshipment plant located near the Port of Paranagua, as well as selection of products according to the most demanding analysis criteria. technical specifications, certifications for food and balanced, followed by intense quality control with laboratory and technical professional corps in their plant.

And it still has flexibility and dedication to specific solutions for each client's unique demands, adding product and international logistic service with security, allowing the presentation of products in isotanks, flexitanks, IBC, octobines and drums, all in food grade or feed, correctly labeled according to the criteria of each client.

With a privileged location in the southern region of Brazil, it has a central office in Londrina/PR and a production plant in Ponta Grossa/PR, which guarantees easy access to ports such as Santos/SP, Itapoá/SC and Rio Grande/RS.

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