Our products reach a wide range of applications such as:

Oleochemical products are analog to petrochemicals, with a wide application range and serving different industrial segments. Meridional has specialized in oleochemicals that are basic building blocks for several industries worldwide, such as:

• Glycerin;
• Fatty Acids;
• Acid Oils;
• Methyl Esters;
• Special Oils & Fats.

The figure bellow well illustrates the applications of our products in our daily lives as well as the size of the market that the company is covering:

Meridional develops and markets its products with three guiding principles:
1. Value Addition:
Our products and our business must add value to our customers and supplier businesses. In other words, Meridional believes its success is linked to the success of our business partners;
2. Supply Assurance: We have a commitment to operate under the highest service standards related to Safety, Product Quality, Logistics and Customer Care;
3. Innovation: Meridional continuously focuses on developing new and better technologies to provide novelty products, services & applications. We work under an Open Innovation environment where we foster joint development partnerships to ensure the entire spectrum of market opportunities are explored and the whole business chain gets benefits from it.

Our Packaging Line

MTCS can ship its products under different logistics & packaging lay-outs.

We have a strong experience in logistics and, according to our costumer needs, we can ship the products in:
• Bulk Tankers (tank trucks) or Bulk Vessel;
• Containers with Flexitanks (Flexibags);
• Isotanks (Isocontainers);
• Metal or Plastic Drums;
• IBCs - 1000l containers;
• Bags.