UK biodiesel consumption hits new record in 2018

30 April 19

The U.K. Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has released new energy data for 2018, reporting that ethanol consumption increased last year, while biodiesel consumption hit a new record high.

According to the BEIS, 1.925 billion liters (508.5 million gallons) of liquid biofuels were consumed by the U.K. transportation sector last year, up 33 percent when compared to 2017.

Ethanol consumption increased 2.6 percent, from 753 million liters in 2017 to 773 million liters in 2018. Biodiesel consumption increased by 65 percent, from 697 million liters in 2017 to 1.152 billion liters in 2018 – a new record high.

In terms of volume, the BEIS reported that ethanol accounted for 40 percent of U.K. biofuel consumption last year, while biodiesel accounted for 60 percent. Ethanol comprised 4.6 percent of gasoline last year, while biodiesel accounted for 3.8 percent of total diesel. The combined contribution for total road fuels was 4.1 percent, up from 3.1 percent in 2017.