Different options to be used in several applications: Crude Glycerin min. 80%, Refined Glycerin USP Grade Kosher and Halal 99.5% and Refined Glycerin Technical Grade 99.5%.

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin standard feed grade, food grade and techinical grade. Kosher and Halal certified. Various packaging options.


Denaturated, undenaturated and/or rectified, to be used in a wide range of applications: hand sanitizers and medical wipes, antiseptic and disinfectant, as a solvent for some analgesics and mouthwashes and as primary ingredient in alcoholic drinks.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are a versatile product with various usage such as: biofuels, animal nutrition, fertilizers and lubricants.

Palm Oils & Oleochemicals

Top quality portfolio: Stearic Acid, Distillated Fatty Acids, Hydrogenated Palm Oil, Fatty Alcohols and PKO RBD.


Tailored for different applications: Saturated and Unsaturated Methyl Ester.

On-Demand Specialties

Oleochemicals for agrochemicals, unmolding, plasticizer, degreaser, grinding agent and other aplications.

Packaging and Labelling

Using our strong experience in logistics, we can ship products in different packaging, according to our customer needs





HDPE Drums

Metal Drums

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Our labeling system aims to ensure accurate and correct data information at all stages of transportation, according to the specifications of each client.