Excellence and diversification

We operate in different sectors offering specialized products

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Crude Glycerin 80%, USP Glycerin 99.5%, Food Grade Glycerin, Resin Grade Refined Glycerin


Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin standard feed grade, food grade and techinical grade. Kosher and Halal certified. Various packaging options.

“Meridional TCS, known for distinctive excellence of its products, aspires to interact with its customers closely, understanding the needs of each. By offering the best, we have made a company of unique and profitable business for all.”

Leonardo Nasser Gardemann

Chief Executive Officer

We believe Brazil should be in a leading position in the Oleochemical Global Industry and Meridional will take a leading role in transforming this opportunity into reality. We are committed to foster partnerships & merges to strengthen our supply chain. By developing novelty technologies and marketing superior value products, allied to establishing a solid export policy makes us in the right direction to achieve our full potential in the global market. Our products shall contribute to the social development for the communities where we are present as well as to produce safer and sustainable solutions to minimize the impact of industrial activities into the Brazilian and Global environment.

To provide renewable, environmentally friendly products and services at superior value, to chemical and oleochemical related industries worldwide.

Maintain compliance with the needs and expectations of Customers and other interested parties, through continuous improvement efforts, using the quality management system effectively in all stages of produc-tion and provision of services.
Analyze and evaluate processed data, customer and supplier opinions to establish goals focused on continuous improvement of the quality management system.
Develop long-term relationships with mutual honesty and added value for all parties involved, while supporting supplier relationships, which are an important element of the quality management system.
Ensure sustainability through the HR policy, built with honest, envi-ronmentally conscious, quality-oriented, happy and efficient employ-ees, who respect laws, regulations, codes of ethics and professional standards.

The expectations of our customers always come first.

We practice honesty and commitment in all our actions, acting with determination, modesty and the ability to make mistakes.

We aim to participate, transform and create, as initiators, supporters and drivers of change, with the courage to face the challenges, daring, creativity and open mind.

We work in teams, building honest and open relationships with communication, forming a positive team and family spirit.

We focus on results, discipline and productivity, so we do more with less.

We celebrate our achievements.


Our Offices Around the World

We are a brazilian based company with global reach supported by offices and business partners worlwide.


Head Office

+55 43 3315-1200 Av. Maringá, 1880 – Salas 03-04, Londrina-PR 86060-000


+55 62 99841 2101 Rua 119, Quadra F38 – Lote 8, Nº 64 – St. Sul, Goiânia-GO 74085-420

Production Site

Av. Sen. Flávio C. Guimarães, 2255 Ponta Grossa-PR 84070-460

Commercial Office

Kellergrabengasse, 67 3400 Klosterneuburg

Trading Office

Swiss Bank Building 2nd Floor 53rd Street Panama City P.O. Box 0819-09132

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